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Richard Partridge richardj.partridge at
Wed Apr 11 07:33:14 MDT 2001


How can any political progress be made while the media is in the hands of
the rich and the ruling class. The control of the media is in the hands of
relatively few people not only here in Britain but increasingly world wide.
The media manipulate and even create people views on certain matters such as
political theory and cultures, for example the riots in london and seatle in
recent years have been presented in a negattive sense by news reports. The
rioters and protesters are seen as criminals and especially in the U.S. are
seen as a threat to world peace. This 'world peace' is not only a lie but
merely fictional there is no world peace there are various wars and battles
around the world every day, wars that are largely fueled by arms sales from
U.S. GB or France. The reason America wants world peace is so it can
continue with globalisation and the continuation of exploitative methods
over people in their own country and other countries as a whole. The W.T.O
backs and attempts to justify these methods with devastating affects for
thousands who cant afford the drugs they produce because they are priced so
high, have no future because the coca cola sponsored school they attend has
work set u for them in the local factory.

  The media rarely shows this maybe the odd guardian article or an
appearance on newsnight, but apart from socialist papers and programmes such
as the Mark Thomas Product which are rarely stocked by the distributers
(W.H. Smith and John menzies control 57 per cent of distribution in england
and wales) or only shown at 11.30 at night respectively.

  They give us cheap DIY shows and trivia quiz's which are void of anything
interesting or exciting. The papers either give us their views on situations
or celebs and sportstars. Believing we are happy we are really in a euphoria
of unhappiness.

  To quote Marcuse ' the hypnotic power of the mass media deprive us of the
capacityt for critical thought which is essential if we are to change the
 Even in the case of music how often do you hear rage against the machine or
public enemy at prime time, instead we get happy steps or 'contraversial'

 The likes of murdock manipulate and control the majority of the media,
again to quote lord beaverbrook (former daily mail owner) 'I run the paper
purely for the purpose of propaganda, and with no other motive'.
 With this complete control of the media my question is how can we possibly
publicise the truth of capitalism, how can we tell people of alternatives
such as socialism, how can there be any decent future for the majority of
people while the current structure exists.
 Ps I think that expelling me because of my interest in a band was totally
elitist, especially as this band has down more for education and political
and cultural awareness than any politician ever will.

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