Marxist pedagogy

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Response: I use your approach on certain issues also. But I find that using
the approach of discussing concepts and ideas without naming the
authors--first--allows me to later get into the issues related to who
defines the "official" saints and demons, in whose interest, through what
techniques of mind manipulation/control etc etc.

I pass out Marx's Gymnasium graduation essay "Reflections of a young Man on
the Choice of a Profession" written when Marx was sixteen years old. I leave
Marx's name off the essay and ask for comments. Many see some of the passion
for justice and service and dedication to serve the oppressed in that essay
and wonder who wrote it. I sometimes ask them to submit votes for who they
think wrote it and get stuff like Mahatma Gandhi etc. When they see that
Marx wrote it, and for those who have an idea about Marx--the official
demonized version--they sometimes get an awakening of sorts.


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I understand this approach, Jim. Softly softly catchee monkey, I suppose
one could call it.  It is something like Bertell Ollman's approach.  For
better or for worse though I have always been the up and at them type.
Careering madly through no man's land sabre in hand smiting the enemy hip
and thigh, that's me.



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