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Wed Apr 11 09:44:01 MDT 2001

--- Juan Fajardo <fajardos at> wrote:
> One would have to learn, however --if the expulsion
> rumor is even true--
> what the circumstances of his being asked, ordered,
> to "make the turn".

One thing here - Doug Jenness was one of the leaders
of "the Turn." John Sarge (whom I knew personally)
also had no problem with it, conceptually. These were
not new comrades - they'd been with the SWP for a long
time, and both participated in the failed "Turn to

> This may or may not be the case in this instance,
> but it may mean
> something that searchs for "Jenness" or "Doug
> Jenness" on "The Militant"
> webpage's search engine turn up nothing by or about
> Jenness for the
> current year.

It might and it might not. Doug never wrote that much
for the Militant. If you do a search for 2000, you
find 11 articles. 1999 returns 9 articles. He wasn't
much of a writer. (Note: not all of the returned
articles, which I searched for using "jenness," were
written by Doug; some just mention his name.)

It could mean that there was some Party struggle going
back several months, but considering the speed with
which Fred Feldman was charged, tried, and expelled -
which was, IIRC, about a week - chances are better
that the recent lack of his articles is just business
as usual.


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