Doug Jenness

Adam Levenstein cleon42 at
Wed Apr 11 16:02:30 MDT 2001

Whoa, this is what happens when one doesn't get his
caffeine early enough in the morning. Allow me to
translate the paragraph below:

"Weird...My impression was that Doug was a full-timer.
I never heard about this stuff (SWP's leaders' jobs
and such), but I was certainly under the impression he
was on the SWP payroll."

Just to clarify - I was never on the SWP payroll,
damned if I know how the hell that got in there.

--- Adam Levenstein <cleon42 at> wrote:
> Weird...This iimpression that Doug was a full-timer
> (i.e., on the s stuff I never heard about, though I
> was under the SWP payroll).

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