Writing Balkan history again

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[ from Nestor ]

This from the official Croatian webpage:

The Federative Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia is proclaimed and
within Yugoslavia, today's Croatia is a federative republic
The first multiparty elections after World War II are organized in
Croatia; the Croatian Assembly elects Dr. Franjo Tudjman as the first
Croatia proclaims independence; the Serbian rebellion starts,
supported by the Yugoslav National Army from Belgrade and results
in the occupation of one third of Croatian territory


Please look at the _petitio principii_: "1991, Croatia proclaims
independence: the Serbian rebellion starts". That is, Croatian
secession was _not_ a rebellion against Yugoslavia, and Yugoslavian
reaction in order to keep the country united was a "Serbian

It is also interesting to see that the official Croatian version of
the story props up the idea, established since the times of Tito, that
Croatians suffered more under Nazi invasion than Serbia, and that of
course the Chetniks (and not the Ustasha) were the true Nazis in
Yugoslavia during the times of Hitler and Mussolini. This mistake by
Tito, who tried to "balance the shares" in the obviously pro-Serbian
actual record of popular patricipation in resistence, war and hatred
against Germany, has had long ranging consequences, as we can see now.

In the same way that sometime Carrol Cox said on the Marxism list that
"the day American white workers accept the leadership of their black
brothers" we may be near to a revolution in the USA, it is _essential_
that we establish the true record of the different nationalities in
Yugoslavia so that, some time in a still dim future, the Croatian
working class accepts those "black Slavs", the Serbian working class,
as their leadership. The idea to unify all Yugoslavian nationalities
without recognizing which one had a right to lead the whole lot ended
up in ruin. A future Yugoslavia will be a Yugoslavia led by Serbians
or will simply NOT be. And this leadership will have to be recognized
by other Yugoslavs as a right as well as a necessity.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at arnet.com.ar

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