FBI in Indian Country

Craven, Jim jcraven at clark.edu
Thu Apr 12 20:38:19 MDT 2001

Dear Friends,

I decided to share the following with you. It reveals the ugly and insidious
machinations of the FBI and U.S. government in Indian Country. for legal and
other reasons, I am forced to delete names in the following documents. Also
I cannot identify the reservation this came from; nor can I reveal the full
name of the FBI Agent to whom this was sent as it would identify the
reservation on which these atrocities have occurred and are occurring.

January 4, 2001

Mr. Mike [deleted], FBI Agent
[name of reservation deleted]

Dear Mr. [deleted]

Enclosed you will find a copy of a letter written by an adult victim of
childhood sexual abuse. As a mandated reporter, it is my duty to report this
information, particularly in light of the employment position of the alleged

Our program has been working with the alleged victim, [deleted], over the
past year as a victim of domestic violence. During our work with [deleted],
she revealed her childhood sexual abuse. As mentioned in her letter,
Ms. [deleted] alleges that Mr. [deleted] sexually molested her when she was
6 through 8 years of age, often taking pictures of her while naked. Mr.
[deleted] is the Director of [deleted] Family Services. In addition, he
retired from BIA [deleted] in approximately [deleted]. As such, it is
imperative that Ms. [deleted] allegations are thoroughly investigated.

Over the past several months, it has come to my attention that there are
additional victims alleging sexual abuse by Mr. [deleted] As reported by Ms.
[deleted], Ms. [deleted], a former foster child now residing in [deleted],
has also named [deleted] as her perpetrator. In addition, Ms. [deleted], now
residing in [deleted], has also made these allegations. Considering his
employment history in the area of [deleted], often transporting children,
these allegations need to be investigated.

In discussing the allegations against [deleted], I have been made aware that
the above named victims, in addition to others, have reported their abuse to
other professionals including Ms. [deleted], [deleted] Alcohol Program, Ms.
[deleted], Indian Health Service. Also, according to Ms. [deleted], BIA
[deleted]: "[deleted]
alleged perpetration is common knowledge among BIA employees" and stated
that these allegations have never been investigated. these professionals may
be willing to assist with the investigation.

I am working on getting professional therapy arranged for Ms. [deleted],
thus more information may be made available to assist in the investigation.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact me at the
above phone number or meet me in our office located behind the [deleted].


Ms. [deleted]

Sworn Statement

December 21, 2000

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter in hesitation, because of fear and retaliation from
[deleted]. I know I have to do this to help myself and other victims he has

For a very long time I have been struggling with Alcohol and depression. I
was in a shelter for Abused Women and received Counseling. During my
Counseling, I come to realize that my Alcohol Abuse and depression is a
result of my past childhood sexual abuse done by [deleted] (he is at least
21 years older than I am).

During my youth years, [deleted] molested me. I cannot go to Tribal
[deleted] because of his position as Director. I needed to write this letter
because I know of others he has molested in the past. I feel [deleted]
should not hold such a high position and helping other Victims when he is a
sex abuser himself. I hope you keep this letter confidential and I am
willing to talk to someone further on this matter.

I also need to let you know that Mr. [deleted], Tribal Protection Director,
is [deleted] best friend and will cover for him. I read your article on 'Law
enforcement', you need to investigate Tribal social Services, also for the
safety of children they service.



Subscribed and sworn on January 4, 2001.

Well this FBI agent, resident agent of a reservation whose Tribal Council is
known to be thoroughly corrupt with 3 of the 9 members known to be
pedophiles, takes these letters to the Tribal Council and says they might
want to do something "administrative" since the victims are supposedly now
adults and "Statutes of Limitations" have passed. Nothing about looking for
new victims (this creature is still active), nothing about getting a warrant
to look for child pornography (more than enough probable cause), nothing
about looking for fellow travellers/perverts of this creature (there are
some including on the Tribal Council). A Tribal investigator, who had turned
one victim into thirty through real INVESTIGATION, was blown off by this FBI
agent, and now the victims have had to leave the Res and live in constant
fear of retribution (as do their families). This creature is still on the
Tribal payroll and still molesting children.

There is the FBI in action; and this is so typical. Corrupt and perverted
"Indians" are protected as they sell out on the cheap to the powers of
multinational capital and the State.

Jim C.

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