Barnes, Curtis and communist morality

Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Sat Apr 14 00:36:35 MDT 2001

Dayne G writes:

>Jack Barnes flew into Chicago to tell a
>>"mandatory" branch meeting that every member must keep absolute silence
>>about what happened.  The SWP used funds that had been raised to defend
>>Curtis in the initial 1984 or 1985 "frame-up" sexual assault case from
>>Des Moines, Iowa to defend Curtis in the solicitation case(he was on
>>parole) and successfully kept him out of jail.

Some people think that a few of us go a bit far in our attacks on the
Barnesites and our claims that they are totally degenerate.  After Dayne's
post, let's hear no more nonsense that there is anything salvageable or
admirable about the Barnesites.  The above shows that Barnes is just scum,
plain scum.

It is one thing to make an error of judgement and defend a party member.  I
don't have a major problem with that.  But the use of defence funds to
defend him on the soliciting charge and, more importantly, the cover-up and
the expulsion of members who mentioned to other members what had happened
in this case is absolutely disgusting and diabolical.  I hope that people
on this list raise this with every Barnesite member they run into.

Barnes and his lieutenants are no part of any communist or proletarian
movement or morality.  He should be in the Republicrats, as some sleazy
operator helping do procuring and cover-up work for some even sleazier
member of congress or the senate.

Anyway, now that he's taken to expelling life-long hacks like Jenness,
maybe one of these worms will turn and do a full expose of life in

Philip Ferguson

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