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João Paulo Monteiro jpmonteiro at
Sat Apr 14 07:51:03 MDT 2001

João Paulo Monteiro wrote:

> 'Actuel Marx'.
> They've been holding international conferences, seminars and publishing big
> thick volumes and journals for about 6 years now.

My reference here was the Congrès Marx International I, which was held
in 1995
and produced 5 vols. of minutes (I have 4 of them). It happens every
years and is growing bigger and bigger. Marx International III is due
this year.

Actualy, the journal 'Actuel Marx' goes back to 1987 and has published
issues. There is a spanish edition published in Argentina since 1993,
by Alberto Kohen.

They also publish a collection 'Actuel Marx-Confrontations' (31 vols.,
of which
some posthumous works of Althusser).

'Actuel Marx' is not a political "group" in any way. It's more of an
intellectual/academic association like the Conference of Socialist
Economists. Only bigger and looser. 

João Paulo

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