marxist academic front

George Snedeker snedeker at
Sat Apr 14 20:23:54 MDT 2001

In the afternoon there was a bang-up panel by the WBAI folks, with a packed
audience. Louis should tell us more about this session. it must have been
less academic than the others.

I was also at the SSC today. infact I had the good fortune to meet Louis
face-to-face. he's not half the monster he claims to be. I also met Mine who
came down for the conference and who is not a monster at all.

I went to two sessions: the first dealt with Marxism after cultural studies.
two old and dear friends were speaking: Randy Martin and Mike Brown. later,
I attended a session on "civil society." this session presented a debate
format with Andrew Arato and some Marxist critics. it was a good show but
gave me a head ach. for those of you who do not know Arato's work, he argues
that "civil society" is the only meaningful arena for struggle in capitalist
society. you see, we can choose civil society rather than social class it
seems. well anyway, that is Arato's argument. how do you separate civil
society from social classes? don't ask such dialectical questions. this is
just liberalism in drag. Arato is a New School prof, not Columbia. his wife,
Jean Cohen who shares his views is at Columbia.

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