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April 15, 2001

Funeral for Slain Youth Is Held as Symbol of Ohio Strife Quits


CINCINNATI, April 14 -- Inside a packed church today, the black
community's grief reached a crescendo with the singing of a hymn about
suffering and resolve addressed to Jesus: "I've been up and I've been
down, but I'm not going to turn around because I'm fighting."

Minutes later, the shiny metallic coffin containing the body of
19-year- old Timothy Thomas was carried out and down the steps, where
a phalanx of Black Panthers raised clenched fists in bidding an angry

The mixed mood of grief and fury suffused the funeral at New Prospect
Baptist Church today as this racially tense city rounded out a chaotic
week that began when Mr. Thomas was fatally shot last Saturday by a
white police officer pursuing him with a sheaf of misdemeanor traffic

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including a picture of a mass line. note too in the article the
skeptical attitude towards the Black Panthers and their appearance, a
stark contradiction to the picture of them carrying the casket, which
i assume was not coincidence.

les schaffer

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