Spy plane crisis fans anti-Asian bias

Charles Brown CharlesB at CNCL.ci.detroit.mi.us
Mon Apr 16 13:50:01 MDT 2001

One thing that has been striking about the U.S. monopoly media reports is that they have consistently referred to the U.S. plane as a "spy plane". So, the U.S. propaganda approach is blithely to assert that it was a spy plane, and then arrogantly proceed in all the rest of the reports and commentary to take a position that it is "ok" , fine and dandy , that the U.S. was spying, that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the U.S. spying , and that, oh yea, the Chinese were in the wrong for (!) investigating a spy plane right there in China. Members of U.S. Congress are now talking about retribution or some such ! It is aggravatingly chauvinist arrogance beyond compare.

So, they are trying to get over the position that the U.S. has a right to spy on anybody it wants to, and any country that resists being spied on is in the wrong, a total contradiction of elementary common sense.

Charles B.

>>> jcraven at clark.edu 04/16/01 11:38AM >>>


If that fighter had hit the prop on the number one engine with its tail--as
alleged by the U.S., it would have taken out completely more than one blade
and would have ripped the engine right off the mounts.


Further, the stall speed on the fighter is much higher than on the U.S.
aircraft and therefore coming from underneath would have involved extreme
slow speeds by the fighter--and stalling out by the fighter.

The U.S. scenario is total bullshit.

Jim C

From: Henry C.K. Liu [mailto:hliu at mindspring.com]

Subject: Re: Spy plane crisis fans anti-Asian bias

Well, it does not really take an international crisis to unleash American
I was kicked off LBO-Talk and Pen-l for complaining that DeLong and Sawicki
resorted to racist lampoons over a debate on the DeLong's comparison of Mao

This is the country that goes around the world ranting about human rights.

Henry C.K. Liu

Louis Proyect wrote:

> San Francisco Chronicle
> April 14, 2001
> Ethnic stereotypes in broadcast, print media prompt protests


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