Petrobras and the Brazilian Left

Ivonaldo Neres Leite ivonaldo.leite at
Mon Apr 16 18:23:42 MDT 2001

> [ from Nestor, cleaned up forwarded post a tad.]
> A very instructive posting. This is what happens with public
> utilities, BEFORE they are given away to foreign "private" capitals,
> when the domestic partners of those capitals take power. The case of
> Petrobras is just one among hundreds.  Almost every Argentinean public
> utility was destroyed from within, following a similar pattern, after
> 1955 and particularly after 1966.

Yeah, and in the Brazlian case is supresing the posture of some people...
from Left. They have a speech alike the "bean with rice" (I am not sure if
everybody know this, maybe only Brazilians, outhers Latin Americans and
Portugeses), It means that they do only a half defense of Petrobras, because
afraid be called dinosaurs. An example of this is the tendency that controls
the PT, the Articulação.

Ivonaldo Leite

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