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--- Marta Russell <ap888 at> wrote:

> First of all I didn't write it, it was a commentary
> from the Oakland Tribune.

Which is why I referred to "the author," not "Marta."

> You seem to gloss over the key phrase "The law
> explicitly
> > > allows patients to give a physician the right to
> > > kill them when in the
> > > doctor's opinion they are too physically or
> mentally
> > > ill to decide for
> > > themselves, provided he can get a second doctor
> to
> > > agree.

And how did I gloss over that? Perhaps you could point
me to the place in the law that says that. The whole
thing, after all, IS online.

> Secondly, it really doesn't matter what the law
> states.

Well, then there's no real point in opposing it, is
there? Since people will just do whatever they like

>  As most
> people well know when there is no one to contest
> what a doctor does
> there is no accountability (both of which seem to be
> lacking in
> Holland according to many accounts).

Perhaps instead of reading "many accounts," you might
try reading the law in question, which has quite a bit
of accountability; consulting with another doctor is
merely the lowest level.

> Besides the health minister for the Soviet Union
> said he would never
> support such a law.  Bravo!

And this would be relevant because...?

I'm sorry, if your point is that I should oppose such
a law because the health minister of Russia opposes
it, I don't buy into that. I've never gone for the
"____ supports it, so you should too" argument.
Especially since I know little about the individual in

(Not to mention that since the fall of the USSR, all
sorts of "alternative medicine" quackery, from
homeopathy on down, have become widespread in
Russia--some with the backing of the government.)

> I refer you to disability groups who have researched
> quite thoroughly
> the issue:

And once again, I refer you to the actual law. I find
primary sources to be infinitely more reliable than
secondhand. Even if the secondhand sources "researched
quite thoroughly the issue."

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