Was: Spy plane crisis ; now Zionism = ?

Stuart Lawrence stuartwl at walrus.com
Tue Apr 17 13:49:42 MDT 2001

> Finkelstein never talks about the progressive things that Jews have
> achieved. Not even once.

Finkelstein likes to point out what he sees as the logical fallacy inherent in
taking pride in the actions or acheivements of others with the same ethnicity,
race, religion, or nationality.

Should I be proud or ashamed that one ancestor of mine was executed as a witch
in 17th-century Massachusetts, while other ancestors probably thought executing
witches was a good thing and participated in the witch-hunting?  Or are these
historical facts that I am forced to confront and reconcile as part of a
tradition that have been passed on to me thanks to more recent ancestors who
subscribed to the ethnic-pride school of thought?

My complaint about Finkelstein is that, out of a distrust of ethnocentrism of
any kind he fails to distinguish the necessary historical project of
de-centering the Eurocentric world view from a multiculturalism that replaces
Eurocentrism with competing ethnocentrisms.

>Plus, he does not talk about the issues of
> anti-semitism, which, in my view, he is supposed to touch upon as a Jew.

Can you decide for him that he should be more concerned about what non-Jews
think of him "as a Jew" than what other Jews say FOR him "as a Jew"? The whole
idea of obligations to think and act a certain way "as" anything is what makes
it possible to shut down rational thought completely.

stuartwl at walrus.com

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