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> > Finkelstein never talks about the progressive things that Jews have
> > achieved. Not even once.
> >Finkelstein likes to point out what he sees as the logical fallacy
> inherent in
> >taking pride in the actions or acheivements of others with the same
> ethnicity,
> >race, religion, or nationality.

If that is what he really thinks, he is off the mark, compeletely. the
reason is that if we apply his logic to other nationalities, then blacks or
American Indians should not demand reparetions from the US. why? When
Fink's method of reasoning is applied to other cases (that selfish elites
make use of reparetions), it leads us to reactionary conclusions of
Horowitz's kind and his liberal apologists. Remember Horowitz's racist add
saying " ten reasons for why the reperations for Blacks is wrong and racist
too". Briefly, the issue has nothing to do with the "logical fallacy of
taking a pride in the actions of others with the same ethnicity, race or
nationality".  It has something to do with the fact of whether there should
be some form of compensation for victims of genocide, so that they can keep
alive their cultural forms and traditions. Where is the logical fallacy in
demanding the preservation of American Indian language, for example? This
is a basic right. That Jews got the best  form of compensation (by actually
colonizing Palestine in the form of  the Isreali state) should not be
generalized to other nationalities.

> >Plus, he does not talk about the issues of
> > anti-semitism, which, in my view, he is supposed to touch upon as a Jew.
> >Can you decide for him that he should be more concerned about what non-Jews
> >think of him "as a Jew" than what other Jews say FOR him "as a Jew"? The
> whole
> >idea of obligations to think and act a certain way "as" anything is what
> makes
> >it possible to shut down rational thought completely.

I can't decide anything for him NOR I claimed to do so. I am a Marxist
believing in the equality of nations and condeming racism of any sort. So I
won't futher allow you to remind me my non-jewish identity and dictate me
how to treat Finkelstein. If there is a logical fallacy in someonelse's
argument, I spell it out regardless of that person's ethnic origin. If a
Turkish colleague of mine would come up with the same kind of observations
about Jews or reperations for victims of genocide in _general_ (not only
the Jewish Holocaust), I would criticize him too. Identity question is
irrelevant here.


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