Was: Spy plane crisis ; now Zionism = ?

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Tue Apr 17 16:21:28 MDT 2001

[ from Nestor ]

I thought I had already replied to Xxxx on this issue. But since I did
not find my answer now that I am reading my mail at home, I would like
to at least state the basic point again.

En relación a Re: Was: Spy plane crisis ; now Zionism = ?, el 17 Apr
01, a las 14:01, Xxxx Xxxxxx dijo:

> why are you reading my posts selectively Nestor?  

Because this is the only way that I can obviate a truckload of "I

My central thrust here is that I don't feel Jews deserve any
particular attention due to the fact that they have suffered so much
along their history.  It is not a matter of "more enduring than
thou". Jews are just people, and if they preferred to endure their
ordeal it must have some rational, material, explanation. So that
whenever I see someone (particularly people who I tend to be in
agreement with) approaching the pitfall of Jewish uniqueness I take my
hand to my keyboard.

That's, basically, all.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at arnet.com.ar

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