The US SWP from Sheppard and Miah, thru to Seigle and Jenness

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Wed Apr 18 11:03:01 MDT 2001

>Also if anyone has written anything on this subject I would be interested
>to see it.

Mike, Jose Perez is on this list. As a leader of the SWP in the 1980s, he
has many insights into its devolution. I refer you to:

While I was never a leader, I was a shrewd observer. After I left the party
in 1978, I developed a critique of "democratic centralism" that evolved
into a lengthy series of posts on the Internet. If you go to the following
link, you will find an analysis of the SWP along with the CPUSA, etc.

>I heard that Larry Seigle was being touted to join, but does anyone know if
>this ever came about?

Seigle retired from political life in 1990, just a couple of months after
denouncing the Sandinistas in the pages of the Militant as forsaking the
revolutionary road.

>Also, what is the latest on Doug Jenness?

If I find out anything, I'll pass it along. As long as I am spending $135 a
month on this mailing list and countless hours, I might as well enjoy
gossipy tidbits about the strange path of a group that once was the center
of my life.

Louis Proyect
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