Labor Activist Turned back at Canadian Border

jonathan flanders jon_flanders at
Wed Apr 18 11:56:03 MDT 2001

Regarding FTAA protestors right to cross the Canadian border.  People have
already been turned back.  Please forward.

For all of the Greater Syracuse Labor Council, AFL-CIO folks - this is the
guy from the video that we saw at the Labor Council and Street Heat

Call now!

 Phone: 202-682-1740

 You have heard the reports of people being turned back at the border, we
 need to call the embassy and express our outrage and demand that they let

 Example: Jeff Crosby, President of CWA-IUE Local 201 at GE and head of the

 North Shore Central Labor Council in Massachusetts was turned away in
 Vermont, because of an offense of his record from more than 25 years ago.
 Jeff had traveled to Canada numerous times since this arrest and was never

 questioned about it before. Jeff was traveling with Paul Babbin, a
 rank-and-file GE worker. Both are now in Burlington, VT.

 We are concerned about the 15 Jobs with Justice busses from the Northeast
 that are going to Quebec on Friday, and the hundreds of other activists
 traveling to participate in the LEGAL and PEACEFUL events.

 Please call the embassy to urge them to LET ALL ACTIVISTS THROUGH!


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