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Let me make my position clear: my admiration for vinyl is second to none. It
was (of course, of course, of course) the music mafia that defined the red
book audio standard. Sampling is too low. If you've ever heard 96Khz
sampling on studio monitors, I think you'd agree. I listen to Vinyl whenever
I can, but my computer isn't hooked up to my turntable.

And it is true, my information is second hand. I do not partake of these
rituals myself, save on rare occassions.

But leaving all BS aside, as well as any attempt to precisely
categorize/pigeonhole, Medellín is a different world from Dublin. What I'm
talking about is the Medellíns, Cartagenas, Managuas of this world, based on
a) news reports and b) close collaboration with/interrogation of college age
interns from various parts of LatAm who change every 3-4 moths, with a new
crew coming in.

A year ago, only a couple had heard of Napster (or so they claimed). The
most recent crew came at the beginning of April. Only one (gleefully
nicknamed "Barbie" by everyone in the newsroom, although princess******, her
hotmail account name, might well have been better, if we'd known about it)
claimed to be a Napster virgin, although, of course, she knew what it was,
and she was, (of course, of course, of course) lying. As I found out from
her roommate.  (As it turns out, I am not, after all these years, such a bad

There are, I admit, Napster virgins among our managers and executives
(although I really think that the truth is that most of them are lying.
Don't bite the hand that feeds you and all that. Me, I don't just want to
bite it, I want to cut it off, sever it, put it through the meat grinder,
and feed it to the dogs. And I HATE dogs, with a passion. I absolutely
loathe them.)

    Be that as it may, if there is a Napster virgin among the new crew of
interns that just arrived, I've not met him/her. And these young people were
my main source in making that statement about DJ's using MP-3's. I'm sure
you're right about the mores of the youth culture where you are, and I
apologize if you took my remark about "metropolis" as a slight.


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> >>I very much doubt it. At least I've never encountered a dj who does so,
> one who would even consider doing so. In fact, I think that suggesting
> any significant number of djs would swap their precious vinyl for MP3
> implies that you don't really understand their outlook.<<
> I think you'll find the youth culture is somewhat different when you move
> away from the major imperialist metropolis.

Ireland? Now don't get me wrong, I think many Marxists over-estimate the
active role of foreign imperialism in Southern Irish politics, but I have
never heard anyone describe Ireland as a "major imperialist metropolis"

> In Latin American countries, in
> many cases, what brings the most prestige is being able to play the
> music. Nothing beats Napster for that -- nothing.

As the comment I made in my original snip hopefully made clear, I see the
advantages of Napster. I use Napster. It is a fabulous resource.

Still, djing is a primarily working class hobby, at least here. And djs
all, every single one, use vinyl and vinyl only.

Is mise le meas,
Brian Cahill

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