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En relación a Québec and the Mercosul, 
el 21 Apr 01, a las 20:45, Les Schaffer dijo:

> [ bounce "Ivonaldo Neres Leite" <ivonaldo.leite at> ]
> What is hapening in Québec can to determine the future of Mercosul and
> whole Latin American. Unfortunately some Latican American presidentes
> are comporting as like to servants from United States. In the case of
> Mercosul seems that only Fernando Henrique Cardoso is fighting, with
> vehemence, against the imperialism of the Alca.

Yes, Ivonaldo, you are absolutely right. While Cardoso, as a
representative of a country where there is still a burning ember of
bourgeoisie, tries to keep the Mercosur afloat, the Paraguayan
bourgeois are trying to see how to keep their status of privileged
smugglers, the Uruguayan President has the project of turning
Montevideo (and Uruguay) into a Singapore linked to Washington, and
the Argentinean President De la Rúa, this reactionary nullity, is now
attempting to appease the United States by every means possible (from
the vote against Cuba in the UN to the weak position on the
Mercosur). On the other hand, in Argentina today the ruling coalition
of sepoys is bent on destroying the Mercosur, so that De la Rúa is
simply acting as a representative of actual power here.

I hope that now you can see more clearly why did I always establish a
difference between Cardoso and his Argentinean counterparts.

A sad hug,

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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