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Sun Apr 22 13:20:15 MDT 2001

This is a nearly first-hand report from a Vermont man who has an offspring
in the Black Bloc.  I can personally attested to his comments about the
"rubber" bullets -- since I picked up one and brought it home for show and
tell.  There's nothing "rubber" about them, actually made out of hard black



The advantage the two hundred or so American Blac Bloc activists possessed
was a remarkable cohesive organization. Thus, at one point on Saturday about
75 moved in unison through the main banking district in Quebec City smashing
windows, overturning garbage cans, slashing tires and beating up uncover
cops. There is nothing the cops could do against such tight a tight phalanx
of activists, except pick off the occassional straggler. In fact, they
hardly tried. Instead they remained immobilized behind their defensive
barricades. What did happen, however, is that local punks who hate political
protestors started following them, gathering force, beating those they could
cut off and eventually began threatening the Bloc'ers with guns. (Compare
this eyewitness account from a particpant with the story on page two of
today's Free Press!)

Perhaps the most fun part of  Saturday was when the main parade divided,
most going to the peaceful demonstration of speechifying to the converted,
others to confront the barricades. The Bloc'ers stood aside from the parade
until the dividing point and then led the march to the barricade, pushing
several wheeled dumpsters, some trashed-filled to be set on fire, others
with weapons, tools and ammunition  from which the protestors could draw as
the action commenced. CLAC, the Quebec Anarchist group followed closely
behind and, though not officially committed to violent actions, backed up
the Bloc'ers all day. Many different types of anarchists- alot of punkers
for who resistence to all authority is their daily way of life- also
participated vigorously though remained vulnerable  as a result of lack of

At one point, where the security fence was close by the meeting Halls of
FTAA Summit, the Bloc'ers set up a central position in a highway underpass,
built bonfires and began rapping on the metal guardrails. This unbelievable
din was maintained for six continuous hours while groups went out and came
back from actions against the security fence ( dismantling it with wire-cutt
ers, grappling hooks and the sheer weight of their bodies.) Lines of cops
would form in the numerous breaches so created. They were then bombarded
with stones, bottles and all the other devilish devices you have probably
read about. My informant did not herself throw a molotov cocktail but
several wizzed by her head towards the police lines. Eventually the cops
would start firing tear gas, PLASTIC (not RUBBER as erroneously reported in
the Press time after time) bullets and bring in the water cannon, which also
spewed and spread tear gas all over the combat areas. Those who got close to
the fence were also sprayed with pepper. It was close to the end of one of
these actions, when Blocer's had managed to dismantle three seperate lines
of fences all defending a narrow passage through two buildings leading
directly to Summitt Conference rooms, just before the cops began their
deadly assault when my my informant, having lobbed her last stone and turned
to run, was struck in the spine by a plastic bullet. She stumbled forward,
the breath knocked right out of her. But she was lucky, one protestor is in
critical condition after having been struck in the neck, another as a
consequence of internal bleeding from a kidney shot. Still another protestor
was hit directly on the chest by a tear gas cannister, which often explode
and start fires. This indivduals clothes ignited and he is now in the
hospital with third degree burns.

At any rate, my informant was struck around 7PM Saturday and the pain  put a
serious limitation on her ability to participate in organized actions. At
any rate, the scene was deteriorating into major chaos so she retreated to
the Lavalle campus and departed Queec City at 11:30 PM, arriving in
Burlington around four.

It's amazing what the Bloc'ers manage to do- handily  overshadowing
everything that went on at the Summit- with only a limited number of gas
masks, shields and helmets- all of which had to be left on the American side
of the Border. Of Course, though having to admit that this overshadowing
occured, the mainline Press and even Indy-Media have and will not report the
full extent and success of the Black Bloc Actions. "Direct Action" always
makes the half-hearted look bad. And the violence in such cases is 99%
against mere property, and the armed, oppressive authority of the State,
which guarentees the right of politicians and their ministers to do anything
they like to assauge the most selfish, greedy and insensitive claims of
their so-called "democratic" constituents. Nobody has to agree with the
ideology of CLAC or BLACK BLOC to praise and congratulate them on a job well

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