Fw: [BRC-NEWS] Homophobia Contributes to Persecution (fwd)

jenyan1 jenyan1 at uic.edu
Sun Apr 22 18:05:04 MDT 2001

On Sun, 22 Apr 2001, Xxxx Xxxxxx wrote:

> I remember reading an article about gender relations in colonial Kenya. The
> author was making a case that colonizers introduced rigid adultery laws in
> order to attact male labor force to coal mines, so that their women do not
> sleep with other men during the absence of their husbands. Guarenteeing the
> fidelity of women was a first step to make use of men's labor.
> cheers, Xxxx
Thanks for pointing this out. Related to this is that while men provided
labour for the mines or plantations, the womens domestic labour (which
meant providing for the daily needs of a family) facilitated the
superexploitation of the man's labour.

This argument might go some way to explaining the annecdotal claims I have
heard that women's status deteriorated in the colonial times and the fact
that today the unfair share of the agricultural work (subsistence holdings
so counts as domestic labour) is borne by women.

Will have to look into this question more carefully when I have time.

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