Dan Styron

Philip Ferguson plf13 at it.canterbury.ac.nz
Sun Apr 22 20:40:53 MDT 2001

Jose G. Perez said:

>As for Jack getting together with M-A being to blame for Dan Styron's death,
>or somehow having contributed to it, I think that speaks more to some
>people's obsessive Barnes phobia than anything else.

Somehow I don't think so.  The person who originally provided the info on
this is a genuine old working class militant, who was out of the SWP long
before it became Barnes' personal possession.  He has no reason at all to
have any "obsessive Barnes phobia".  I think Jose is unduly defensive about
the level of degeneration in the cult, and that what is involved is not
merely a political collapse but a moral collapse as well.  And by moral, I
do not mean to do with sex, I am rather talking about basic human decency.
As in the case of Healy, and probably Robertson, we are dealing with a
degeneration that is total.

Philip Ferguson

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