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What about the accusation that Trotsky's fling with Kalo(Mrs.
Rivera)was not ended by the parties mutual consent because of the
danger it posed to the movement as claimed in the private diary of
Trotsky but was ended by the young woman who grew tired of the Old Man?

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>I've been reading these stories about the SWP with interest. I can't help
>but wonder what it is that leads to such behavior. the stories read like a
>tragic madness. "sect" and "cult" are terms of a religious discourse. from
>rational point of view the struggles within the SWP make no sense- at least
>from the point of view of an outsider. it is not as if the SWP were about
>seize State Power. there was so little materially at stake. that does not
>seem to have stopped anyone. I imagine poor old Trotsky turning over in his
>actually, the sexual activities seem more normal. these refer to a basic
>human weakness. this is a pain/pleasure universe. for some, it is more pain
>than pleasure.
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> > Juan Fajardos asked:
> >
> > >HWho's Dan Styron and how did he die, that he might of interest in the
> > >way alluded to here?
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > My friend, whose original post to me I posted on the list, mentioned Dan
> > Styron's death at the end as an aside.  Fred knew and liked Dan Styron,
> > although he had some fairly basic political disagreements with him.
> > was involved in the SWP in New York when Styron and his wife,
> > were brought to New York, as part of the Carlton set who were moving
> > the central leadership of the YSA and SWP.  Barnes was already in New
> > I think he was the first of the Carlton set to move into the centre of
> > things.
> >
> > According to Fred, when the Carlton lot went to New York there was a
> > certain amount of sexual shenanigans going on.  At some function - I
> > recall if it was at a party or over beers (and maybe more) at the actual
> > national office (it's some years since Fred told me the story), a bit of
> > partner swapping was suggested and when the keys were thrown on the
> > or whatever way it was done, Barnes got Mary-Alice.  Shortly after that,
> > Barnes arranged for Styron to be sent out of New York for an extended
> > period of time and when Styron got back to New York, Barnes and Waters
> > a couple.  Fred reckoned Styron never really got over it.  In the end,
> > about a decade or so later, he put a rifle in his mouth and blew his
> > off (this is from my own memory; I was in the NZ section of the FI when
> > committed suicide).
> >
> > Fred is a very straight-up, honest character, and was certainly in a
> > position to know all the original stuff - and about quite a lot of other
> > things that went on beneath the Victorian morality facade that Barnes
> > co. adopt publicly.  Around 1984-85 some friends of mine who were in the
> > pro-Barnes faction in Britain, a faction I had just left due to my
> > at the purges of the old-timers in the USA in 1984 (and growing unease
> > about the whole Barnesite direction) went to the SWP annual hoe-down at
> > Oberlin.  They told me a year or so later that there had been a special
> > party there one night for 'leaders' only, and even then it might have
> > special invite, and that there were some strange stories about what went
> > at that as well.  They left the Barnesite faction in Britain not long
> > their return from Oberlin.
> >
> > Considering that in the early 90s the Barnesites were attacking a sex
> > education programme in New York schools which included info on gay sex -
> > the 'Militant' claimed it promotoed 'a certain lifestyle' and that
> > people' favoured 'responsibility' rather than 'promiscuity' (not hard to
> > decode what that means, eh?) - one can only assume that this is one more
> > area where hypocrisy reigns supreme with the cult.
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Phil
> >
> >
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