The Chemistry of Farming - Book Review

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> Leibig diagnosed the problem, but it was Marx who came up with a solution:
> overcome the division between town and country through socialism. Once the
> organic nutrients are reunited with the soil, there will be little use for
> chemical fertilizers.
--- That assumes that all human and animal excreta are returned to the land,
and even THAT would not provide a 100% return of loss nutrients - whereas
humans in the UK (and US?) countryside either demand connection to sewage
treatment or use a septic tank which negates that return.

Actually in practice modern capitalism has done much to reduce the division
between town and country since Marx's day - when most villagers range of
activity was limited to a couple of hour's walking distance from their home
village (say perhaps 10-15 miles) at most - so the FACT remains:

> >>It is just not possible to maintain fertility at the levels
> required to feed the present world population without the application of
> chemically-produced nitrogenous fertilizer - not available in suffient
quantity and price in so much of the world.

> Of course. That is because capitalist social and economic
> relations prevail.

That is a simplistic answer - and like all simplistic answers, I doubt it.

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