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Thu Apr 26 11:13:52 MDT 2001

I just got my first sleep of more than five hours in over a week. I should
be returning to my home in Vancouver in two days time, so please resub me
as of now. I was one of the individuals that the police aimed the teargas
canisters directly at- being hit square in the base of my back with one of
them, roughly 1/4 inch from my spine (the street medics went over my back
for around an hour to make sure I would "only"be in the major pain, and
that this would not be permanent- back injuries are quite scary things. The
gas canisters all had a certain inscription on them, from the manufacturers
in the US, paraphrased from memory they read: "do not aim directly at
target, can cause serious injuries and death". No shit. The amount of gas
they used has my balance very screwed up right now. I'm walking very funny,
which until now I thought was from lack of sleep. Anyways, I'll be writing
something rather extensive when I return to Vancouver in 2 days- but
suffice to say that this was VERY different than Seattle- Seattle was a
fucking play compared to this. I'm quite rational when I say at least this:
Things have changed, and changed wholeheatedly. So now must we.

Louis Proyect
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