Leftist pro-EU argument

Magnus Bernhardsen magnus.bernhardsen at nm.no
Sat Apr 28 08:05:41 MDT 2001

Here Immanuel Wallerstein promotes his anti-US-imperialism,
pro-Euro-imperialism view.

Magnus Bernhardsen


"On Sept. 28, 2000, Denmark voted not to join the euro. This is the latest
manifestation of a persistent Euroskepticism. Denmark has been strongly
marked by it, but it exists to some extent in most European countries -
though it has been particularly strong in the Nordic countries and Great
Britain. What lies behind this reluctance to move forward with Europe among
a large minority of Europeans?"

"So for the moment, the U.S. is spared the creation of a serious
geopolitical rival, actually primarily thanks to the voting patterns of
parts of the Nordic left, ironically the most anti-American parts. They
have provided the crucial margin of votes to keep Denmark, Norway, and
Sweden from taking the plunge into Europe that would bring them in line
with France, Germany, Italy, and the Low Countries - the original six and
still the heartland of the movement."

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