Marx's predictions

George Snedeker snedeker at
Sun Apr 29 10:44:54 MDT 2001

Jim is correct to point out that Marx was pretty good at his predictions. he
predicted certain general trends in the development of capitalism. part one
of the Manifesto is more a description of today's world than it was the
world of 1848.

I was referring more to predictions about the final collapse of capitalism
by 2050. in this context, I agree with Garry that one can not make
predictions about a social system. there are tendencies of the system that
we can discuss . there is a strong current of positivism within world system
theory. here I am referring to people like Wallerstein, Frank and Amin.
there work has been important, but it does have certain limitations. in
their hands, Social Science is sometimes transformed into religious faith.

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