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En relación a The EU question, el 29 Apr 01, a las 13:02, Magnus
Bernhardsen dijo:

> The Faroe Islands are a Danish colony, struggling for independence.

Most respectfully, how can one imagine an "independent" nation of the
Faroe Islands? Would they be anything else than a neo-colony (see
Iceland) of the United States, only that still closer to Europe?

I have an idea that the Faroe Islands might have some claim to
drilling rights on Northern Sea oil and gas deposits. OK, then what
would put them in a different situation than that of, say, Kuwait?
Does Lutheran Protestantism convey some particular boon over
conservative Islamic creed?

And, when the oil and gas deposits run empty, what will be the fate of
this proud, wealthy, independent Nation?

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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