Fidel tells Spanish imperialist magistrate to shove it

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Sun Apr 29 18:27:07 MDT 2001

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En relación a Fidel tells Spanish imperialist magistrate to sho, el 29
Apr 01, a las 19:13, Jose G. Perez dijo:

> Fidel tells meddlesome imperialist magistrate Garzón to take his
> investigation and shove it, that any attempt to arrest him would be
> answered with combat.

Not my intention to be bothersome, but can't stop myself;

This Garzón is the same guy who was hailed by many on the Left when he
took pains with Pinocho. I told everyone that this was like spitting
to the sky, that Garzón was preparing a blow against those on our

Well,  don't say I did not warn you!

Why doesn't Garzón investigate plunder, graft, unemployment and mass
impoverishment generated by Spanish-owned (many state-owned) companies
abroad?  Perhaps because he is trying to cover up them with these
appeals to "democratic and human rights"?

Woe on a Left that can't see an imperialist when the imperialist acts!

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at

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