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April 27, 2001

Napster Judge Appeals for Help



SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- A federal judge overseeing the case against
Napster Inc. essentially threw up her hands and appealed for help
Friday in stopping the exchange of copyright songs.

For the moment, her ruling guarantees Napster users can continue
downloading copyright music at will.

Major record labels want the online music-swapping service to remove
any copyright songs from its Internet site -- a position U.S. District
Judge Marilyn Hall Patel has strongly endorsed in a series of rulings.

But removing the songs has proved exceptionally difficult, since
Napster users constantly make them reappear under different file
names. Napster has said it cannot keep up with every variation.

On Friday, Patel said that unless an appeals court clarifies its
ruling in the case, she cannot force Napster to identify and remove
all those files.

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