Land, Labor and Language

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Mon Apr 30 10:40:22 MDT 2001

>>> snedeker at 04/29/01 10:24PM >>>
Louis Proyect says: James Heartfield and anybody else who thinks it is
progressive for
indigenous/communal peoples to lose their language and culture while going
to work in a maquila. we should also ad "land" to this list of alienated
goods. forcing people into the labor market requires separating them from
their land. read the history of any colony...


 "One of the prerequisites of wage labor, and one of the historic
conditions for capital, is free labor and the exchange of free labor
against money, in order to reproduce money and to convert it into
values, in order to be consumed by money, not as use value for
enjoyment, but as use value for money.  Another prerequisite is the
separation of free labor from the objective conditions of its
realization -- from the means and material of labor.  This means above
all that the workers must be separated from the land, which functions as
his natural laboratory.  This means the dissolution both of free petty
landownership and of communal landed property, based on the oriental commune. "  _ KM


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