Marx's supposed epilepsy

João Paulo Monteiro jpmonteiro at
Sun Apr 1 15:40:45 MDT 2001

Les Schaffer wrote:

> Talk about a BAD argument!  I don't think there is any question that Marx
> was extremely intelligent.  Whether he had  epilepsy or not has no bearing
> on his intelligence.  I'm sure there have been many intelligent people with
> epilepsy, and  also without it.  If you can provide a source from
> legitimate medical research that demonstrates any kind of connection, then
> please do, if you can not, drop it.
> Sheldon (digest subscriber)

I have a sugestion to make to Vanessa, who has admitedly never read any
but has a hunch that the man could be intelligent because he was...
like so many other fine people (she forgot to add Hitler to the list).
She can't remember where she has read this, but this is the one and only
base for her interest in Marx.

Well, true or false, lets take advantage of it. To begin with, please
take a look at:

- first chapter (on Feuerbach) of 'La Ideologia Alemana';
- 'El Manifesto del Partido Comunista';
- 'Salario, Precio y Lucro';
- preface to 'Contribuición a la Crítica de la Economia Política'.

Then we could perhaps start a useful conversation on Marx and marxism.
course, we could talk with her about many other issues of interest here
marxism list, like the education reform proposals of president Chávez.
Just not

João Paulo Monteiro

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