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globalisation <live & online> 13 July - 10 August
Please forward to anyone interested (apologies if you receive this more than


Key participants include Michael Hardt & Antonio Negri and Slavoj Zizek.

Key speakers in a concurrent 'live' series of seminars and lectures will
also participate in the online conference.
These include Dipesh Chakrabarty, Doug Henwood, Paul Smith, Marian Pastor
Roces and Stephen Muecke.

The live series will also incorporate lectures and discussion panels
featuring Vandana Shiva and Saskia Sassen at the Adelaide Festival of Ideas
July) and exhibitions at the Art Gallery of South Australia and the
Experimental Art Foundation.

<call for online papers>

Abstracts of 300-500words due May 1 2001.

Refereed clusters will include the following topics:

global economies - global culture - globalising art
protest movements - local, regional, global dynamics
international aid and human rights - global ecologies - the www
world administration (WTO, UN, World Bank)

mailto:archss at
or fax to: (+61) 8 8303 4882

<how the online conference works>
Online keynote papers will be available to all registered delegates, and
authors will be respond to questions in delegate discussion forums.
Each cluster will be addressed by a 'panel' of refereed papers and an
attached discussion forum.
A public discussion forum will also go online July 16 - registration for
this is not required.
All participants need a working email address and access to the internet.
Key papers and delegate discussion surrounding key papers will be available
in both English and French.
The conference will be hosted at --
more information available there now.
Registration information online from May 1 2001.

<more information>
for questions about the online or live series contact the ARCHSS
administrative officer
Judy Barlow
phone: (+61) 8 8303 4817
fax: (+61) 8 8303 4882
judy.barlow at


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