Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Mon Apr 2 03:20:02 MDT 2001

> Precisely because the Socialist Party (SPS) is getting stronger and because within
the SPS Mr. Miloshevich represents the anti-U.S.-Establishment line, the U.S.
government, which is plainly calling the shots in the current Yugoslav regime, may
find it unfeasible to stage a Miloshevich show trial at the Hague.
> Instead, they may choose to assassinate him.
I am hoping someone here has some decent materials they can either share or point me
to, concerning the show trial of Georgi Dmitrov. I would like to run a possible
comparison of the events. It seems to me that the same form of stubborness is at work
here. In retrospect, obviously Dmitrov's tormentors almost certainly wished they had
simply "shot him while trying to escape".

Is there a transcript of those preceedings available? I have a feeling this could
make for a very good "controlled experiment" excersize.


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