Mark Solomon: racism and democracy are fundamentally incompatible

Brian James hillbily at
Mon Apr 2 19:41:24 MDT 2001

Vanessa wrote:
> The difference between 2 humans of completely different clans and races and
> from opposite sides of the world can be much, much less that 2%. The problem
> is not whether the dna is similar: the problem is how disperse mutations are
> within a population; and how strong the immune system is comes from how much
> variety there is in it; it does not depend on faulty mutations.

So you're talking about narrow gene pools. I have no problem with that.

> Reproducing in an isolated setting IS how racial purity is obtained! In
> other words, there is little inmune system variety, and this makes the
> individual weaker, especially if his surroundings change.

Drop "racially pure" from your vocabulary and I'll say progress has been
made here. Race itself is a problematic enough concept, let alone
"racial purity." It has become accepted wisdom that "race" is more
socially than biologically defined. You don't need it anyway in order to
make your point.

Brian James

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