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Hello Macdonald,
        Alexander Domrin's use of the word "endorsement" is potentially
misleading.  As I recall, Thatcher met with Gorbachev before Reagan did.
Thatcher's remark after the meeting to the effect that 'we can work with
this guy' was widely and repetitively publicized in the U.S. news media as
Reagan's first meeting with Gorbachev was being politically prepared and
        I don't think Thatcher's remark was meant to be a concrete,
specific "endorsement" of Gorbachev's political perspective.  It was like
Franklin Roosevelt might have said 'we can work with Joe Stalin.'
        Thatcher's remark was used in the U.S. to win support for a Reagan
- Gorbachev summit.  Thatcher's remark was used against fanatic
        I don't know whether Domrin meant it this way, but using the
misleading word "endorsement" is probably appealing to those who prefer to
blame the disintegration of the Soviet Union wholly or primarily on
Gorbachev himself.
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On Sun, 1 Apr 2001, Macdonald Stainsby wrote:

> clip from:
> Nezavisimaya Gazeta
> March 22, 2001
> "Something Wicked Comes This Way": Sad Story of U.S. Aid to Russian
> "Reformers".
> By Alexander N. Domrin.
> (as received from JRL)
> ****
> In reality, since Margaret Thatcher's infamous endorsement of Gorbachev in
> December 1984 through the latest period of contemporary Russian history,
> the Western governments have been promoting a "strategic alliance with
> Russian _reform_" rather than an alliance with Russia herself. A guiding
> principle of the U.S. foreign policy was not to support Russia, but to
> support "Russian _reforms_"[...]
> ****
> Any comments on this story of Thatcher? I was definitely not aware of this at all...
> hoping some light can be shed.
> Macdonald

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