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On Mon, 2 Apr 2001, Louis Proyect wrote:

> While strongly agreeing with the need to see things in their specific class
> terms, I also think that the essential question must not be overlooked,
> namely whether India can ever join the ranks of such countries as Great
> Britain or Belgium in the G7. While arguing that is impossible, I would
> agree with Ulhas that it is important to be concrete, especially for Marxists.
> >
> Louis Proyect
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Thank you for the urls.

I certainly agree with the need to be concrete; but, the remarks to which
I was responding were quite general. The individual was tossing around
words such as "the Left" without defining it. Our local bourgeouis press
thinks "the Left" is everyone from slightly left of centre to the
right-wing of our local social democrats and no one "lefter" than that
exists. What does the Iranian student think? We don't know; he didn't say.
I thought it appropriate to point out that other viewpoints exist.

I hope that Mine is a mouthier broad than I am. I don't speak up very

Joan Cameron

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