China Reminds Japan to Properly Handle History Issue (People's Daily)

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By way of a brief intro to why I feel it necessary to post this article:

Nestor and others have been able to point out that the battle for correct
interpretation of historic events is paramount to an understanding of why a people, a
class, an ethnic group, and sometimes a family can be a class struggle (indeed,
across borders) all of its own. The arrest of Milosevic has almost nothing at all to
do with the former president himself- it is an attempt to make resistance to Nato and
colonisers a criminal enterprise among the people of Serbia- in their own mind and
discussions with their younger generations in the future.

China (obviously), as a part of the "global market" needs to stay on the "good side"
of Japan, a major investor in the Mainland. So, to open up a dialogue of condemnation
of the interpretation of events from 60 plus years ago might seem a rather
counter-productive venture. But it isn't at all- it is a battle for historical truth
about the anti-Japanese war. Such battles can really be the biggest a people fight,
for it gives them a new weapon for the struggles to be waged today and tomorrow.


China's Top Legislator Reminds Japan to Properly Handle History Issue

China's top legislator Li Peng said here Tuesday that China hopes the Japanese side
will handle the history issue in a "particularly careful and appropriate manner" to
ensure a healthy and stable development of China-Japan relations.

Li made the remark during a meeting with visiting Japanese Justice Minister Masahiko

How to handle the history issue appropriately is a matter related to the political
basis of Sino-Japanese relations, and therefore deserves due attention, Li noted.
China hopes the Japanese side will appropriately handle the matter with particular
care in accordance with the principles set out in the Sino- Japanese Joint Statement
and other bilateral documents as well as the common ground of "learning from past
experience and looking forward to the future."

Appropriate handling of the issue will clear away the obstacles to the development of
Sino-Japanese relations in the 21st century, Li stressed.

Li said China always pays special attention to developing good- neighborly relations
with Japan because it is in the fundamental interests of the people of the two

Komura said the stable development of relations between Japan and China will be good
not only for the stability and development of the Asian-Pacific region, but the world
as a whole. Exchanges of visits between top leaders of the two countries have helped
deepen bilateral relations, he noted.

The Japanese minister said there are some problems during the development of
Japan-China relations. But, he said, he believes that the Japanese government will
continue to handle the history issue in accordance with the China-Japan Joint
Statement and the speech made by former Japanese Prime Minister Murayama Tomiichi.

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