Socialist Action split?

Adam Levenstein cleon42 at
Tue Apr 3 21:17:11 MDT 2001

Yeah, it's an announcement in the latest SA paper.
Apparently a faction of SA which included several
founding members (notably Nat and Sylvia Weinstein)
decided to split and form a separate organization.

Apparently some of the differences are:

The "Weinstein minority" wanted to break off relations
with the FI.

They produced "new questions," which included (again,
this is according to SA's paper) "opposing Socialist
Action's major role in building the mass demonstration
for Mumia Abu-Jamal that took place last August at the
time of the Democratic Party Convention." Apparently
the Weinstein group felt that it was de facto a
pro-Democratic demonstration.

Anyhoo, apparently the split took SA by surprise, but
this is something I can only surmise by reading the SA
article on the subject.


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