Nader's Olive Branch

Brian James hillbily at
Tue Apr 3 22:36:31 MDT 2001

Martin Zehr wrote:

> Interesting that you can respond about what the Greens did and didn't do,
> but you seem a bit hesitant to explain the historical dormancy of the "left"
> and whether or not it's even a factor that needs to be considered any longer.

What amazes me about the Greens everywhere is how they swing "left"
whenever it's opportune for them, but are scornfully beyond the left
whenever they're called on their credibility.

> Building grassroots democracy is a Green value. If you don't know
> what the Green agenda is, I suggest you check on the web site or talk to
> your local ASGP rep as a way of beginning an appropriate political
> education.

I'm well aquainted with the Green Party agenda. I became involved with
the local chapter of the Green Party movement a few years ago -- until I
actually did read their policy statements. Decentralisation and the
small business mode of economics as a panacea: essentially a return to
an earlier form of capitalism. Zero-growth economics as the stated
ideal, yet nothing about ending capitalism or private property. Silly,
erratic stuff.

> Don't get hung up on Nader.

You insist on trying to defend him.


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