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<< I'm well aquatinted with the Green Party agenda. I became involved with
 the local chapter of the Green Party movement a few years ago -- until I
 actually did read their policy statements. Decentralisation and the
 small business mode of economics as a panacea: essentially a return to
 an earlier form of capitalism. Zero-growth economics as the stated
 ideal, yet nothing about ending capitalism or private property. Silly,
 erratic stuff. >>


It seems you were acquainted with the more conservative branch of the Greens,
the ASGP. There are currently two Green Parties in the US, the ASGP or
Association of State Green Parties and the GPUSA, Green Party USA.  The ASGP
is more electorally oriented and tends to fear anything they deem as too far
left lest it alienate a potential voter. In my ever so humble opinion there
is little difference between the ASGP and a very liberal Democrat.  The GPUSA
is both electorally and activist oriented and they do not fear the words anti
capitalism. As a matter of fact there were many from the GPUSA in Seattle in
1999 as well as in DC this past January. I know because I was there.  The
GPUSA calls for a radical change in society including proportional
representation and worker control of the means of production.

In St. Louis the local chapter of the GPUSA is the Gateway Green Alliance and
I can assure you that we are not afraid to utter the words socialism nor
criticize capitalism.

Just my two cents,
MJ in St. Louis

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