On the Importance of Demonization

Borba100 at SPAMaol.com Borba100 at SPAMaol.com
Wed Apr 4 08:51:44 MDT 2001

Though many on the Left have forgotten the basic rules of politics, those who
run the U.S. Empire have not.  They do not rule simply by force.  The rule by
force and by the force of ideas - probably more important.  Those that they
would destroy, they first therefore do everything possible to isolate
politically - hence the demonization of the Serbs in general, as focused on
Milosevic.  That is, since the U.S. wishes to destroy the Serbs as a
political force, which involves their physical destruction, it must teach
them and the world that they are bad, that they are at fault for the breakup
of Yugoslavia, that they are guilty of war crimes, that their leaders are
corrupt - when in fact the U.S./Germany/England engineered the breakup of
Yugoslavia, mobilizing monstrous proxy forces (Croatian Ustashe, Bosnian
Islamists and Albanian racist-secessionists) to attack the main cohesive
force, the Serbian people.   Hence the increased campaign of slander in the
Western media, coincident with the drive to arrest Miloshevich.


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