Triumph of the free market

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This is not as rare as you may think: in the amazon, they have no legal
abortions, so some tribes eat newborn baby meat. Ny husband, who lived there
for about a year, says he was given some delicious meat, and then puked when
told it was newborn baby meat.

It is also well known that one can buy body parts anywhere in the third
world if you only know how to look for them. I'm sure I could find a few
kidneys here.


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Louis Proyect forwarded:

> Moldova women arrested for selling human flesh as meat
> By VASILE BOTNARU, Associated Press
> CHISINAU, Moldova (April 1, 2001 9:48 a.m. EDT) - Two women accused of
> selling human remains for meat have been arrested in impoverished Moldova,
> police and Interior Ministry officials reported Saturday.

At first I belived this to be an April hoax, but on the BBC website there is
a report as well:

"Unable to feed their families, Moldovans are prepared to go to extreme
lengths to find better-paid work overseas, leaving many villages almost
In February, BBC News Online reported the plight of Moldovans who sell their
body parts for cash after the World Health Organisation warned that the
practice had become an industry in Moldova.
Many Moldovans sell their organs to so-called recruiters acting for agents
in western Europe, Turkey and Israel.
Some donors are sent on to Georgia; other operations have been conducted in
the Estonian capital, Tallinn."

Full text at:

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