why I HATE the oil companies

Vanessa DD jajije at SPAMcantv.net
Wed Apr 4 11:42:57 MDT 2001

Aside from the obvious fact that we don't NEED them anymore because we could
be using cheap hydrogen fuel which doesn't pollute, they are so corrupt,
it's hard to believe they are legal.

I grew up studying with the children of the oil executives in the local
overseas US prep school. Children talk a lot, and repeat what they hear at
home. But, even more amazing were the things I heard while teaching at
Berlitz. Many of my students were oil engineers.For some reasons, students
talk to teachers as if we were their shrink. I will never forget the time I
was informed with details, names and all that a company was dumping Dioxin
in the lake. This lake I live next to is the largest non-salt water body in
the world; you can see it in any world map at the north part of south
america, right at the Venezuelan border with Colombia. It is technically a
sea, but called a lake because of its sweet water, which 100 yrs ago was
crystal clear and full of the most delicious fish and seafood. Today, it is
a mass of mud, greenish something, and black stuff, because under it lies
one of the greatest light oil deposits in the world.

The dioxin got dumped in the lake, because the engineers in change of
disposing of it the right way accept bribes which save the multinationals
LOADS of money. The government people also take those bribes. In Venzuela,
bribes are not shameful, or hidden; they are everyday life. I mysefl grew up
flying to NYC and bringing back merchandise. By age 10, I knew exactly how
to offer bribes to the customs agents, and many kids in my high school told
of how their parents (or uncle, or whatever) 'owned' this or that man. I
could often get things or services just by speaking to a classmate whose
father was an influential man. In fact, I was no saint as a teeager, and the
police NEVER bothered me, even if they beat up every other kid in the group,
if I just mentioned which school I went to. Chavez has much opposition from
the higher classes here because he is trying to change this system, which
the rich love and the poor want to be a part of, and which is over 40 yrs

All this is a result of the multinationals which came here in the 20s when
oil was discovered in the lake. SHELL is probably the most corrupt of all. I
know about many oil executives who specifically like to work here because of
the cheap cocaine. In fact, as a child I rememeber the graduates from my
school which played the 'good guys' all year in the US, and then would come
down for Christmas to sniff whole kilos of it. But not all party themselves;
many just use it to get girls. And many LOVE the easy access to underage
girls that comes from having a nice car and being a gringo (yankee). For
example, I have a friend who has a lover. The lover is the wife of the owner
of the biggest geological exploration (to find oil deposits)company in the
state. The company is registered in her name, because she is venezuelan and
the company pays less taxes. The man gave her an STD which he got from
sleeping with a 14 yr old prostitute. The woman cannot divorce him, because
he supports her WHOLE family, pays for her medical studies. The man has
asked her to wait until he can get all his profits moved to the USA. This
story is simply the most recent that I have filed. I have over 200 similar
stories. These people HATE living here, and constantly complain about the
country, but they love the fact that they have no limits in a lawless land.
They do whatever they want, bribe everyone, never get into trouble because
they are all friends of the governor and mayor (NOT of Chavez's party).

Yesteday, the Fifth Republic Movement (MVP, Chavez'z party) people came to
my warehouse, and it seems we will set up the local MVP reorganization place
there, so that we can win back the state. Even the leaders of the MVP here
have become corrupt, it seems. The other day, when I met the ex-candidate
for governor at the mall dad built, he was shopping for Playstation2 games
for his girls. The other MVP people were quite angry when I told them this.
And the MVP legislator whom I considered my sister in Christ has gotten the
governor to pay for the building of the church she attends, it seems she got
it in exchange for agreeing with the (not Chavez party) governor in his
plans, without raising any trouble.

Needless to say, I am open to receiving any recommendations as to what we
can do; private email if you want.

Also, I hope this will be just the beginning of our oil company discussion.
I am only wetting your appetite.


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