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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Wed Apr 4 15:51:40 MDT 2001

>After these two postings, I would suggest that Vanessa does not belong with
>us on Marxmail. But of course, this is a prerrogative of the moderator, not
>mine at all. At any rate, I wanted my opinion to remain expressed.
>Thank you,
>Lic. Néstor M. Gorojovsky

I am not sure what to do with Vanessa. Unlike some of the other people who
have showed up here since the list began in May 1998, she is not exactly a
disrupter even though I took her to task the other day. She seems to be
some kind of non-Marxist radical who finds the discussion here interesting.
(There is another list member who is an outspoken anti-Marxist, but who
prevailed on me to be subbed because he too finds the discussion
interesting. I said fine as long as he didn't start fights with people.) If
I find that discussions become polarized between list members and her about
the abc's of Marxism, I will be forced to unsub her. This list is not meant
to provide a forum where leftists, anti-leftists, Marxists, anarchists,
vegetarians, nudists, free love advocates, and Buddhists can argue with
each other. Doug Henwood's list already serves that purpose and I don't
want to compete with him.

Louis Proyect
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