today's opium war

Vanessa DD jajije at
Wed Apr 4 21:36:31 MDT 2001

the big capitalists speak of free markets. But, can you have a free market
if a certain country cannot sell what it produces because it could 'hurt'
the citizens of the most powerful countries? But meanwhile, those countries
are allowed to sell dangerous product to anyone, and to pollute anywhere,
because, you know, they're free markets.

I am speaking of Colombia's poppy plantations, which are being destroyed by
spraying, also destroying other crops, and leaving the people without any
income, simply because the US and Brits are too weak to control their own

Meanwhile, morphine is used in EVERY hospital in the world. It comes from
opium poppies, and is produced legally in only one place: INDIA, so that
every hospital in the world, including Colombia's, must buy their morphine
from companies that use Indian poppies. And who owns the crops there? I
don't know, but I can guess: British imperialists, who would lose much
income if Colombia suddenly began producing cheaper morphine for the
hospitals of America. This could solve so many of Colombia's economic
problems, it could even eliminate the production of cocaine, which also has
some medical uses, but not very important ones.

And its not only morphine: codeine in your cough medication also comes from
poppies. Poppies that are grown only in India, and I bet the crops are not
owned by Indians. Morphine is expensive. Here in public hospitals people
must often suffer needlessly, simply because Colombia cannot legalize its
poppy fields because the US and Britain would NEVER allow this. If we had
Colombian morphine production, I'm sure Venezuelan hospitals would NEVER
have that problem again.

And why do the Colombian governments listen? They have no choice. First, if
they are condemned, they might lose the Plan Colombia cash, which is
necessary for the government to keep up its business. After all, someone has
to spray the fields and be policemen. Then, would any pharmaceutical company
buy Colombian opium? Perhaps they would be pressured not to by the owners of
the poppy fields in India.


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