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Daily news from Moldova. 5 April 2001. Presidential Election effected in
Accordance with RM Constitution. Excerpt.

Today the RM Constitutional Court has recognized the results of the RM
Presidential elections, which took place on April 4, as valid.

The CC sitting has underlined that the election procedure had been
carried out in the complete conformity with the RM Constitution in a
correct and civilized way. Communist Party leader Vladimir Voronin, who
obtained 71 votes, became the President of the Republic of Moldova.

On Saturday, on April 7 the official inauguration of the new third
President of the Republic of Moldova in the person of Communist Party
Leader Vladimir Voronin will take place in the Palace of the Republic.

The Members of the Parliament and the Constitutional Court, the heads of
the diplomatic missions, accredited in Moldova, will participate in the
solemn inauguration ceremony.

Vladimir Voronin will swear an oath and will pronounce a speech. Then he
will go to the Presidential Palace, where he will have a meeting with
ex-President Petru Lucinschi, who will transfer his powers and will hand
the symbolic key of supreme authority to the new President.

On Saturday evening the President of the Republic of Moldova will make
an address to the Moldovan people on the National TV.


People's Daily. 5 April 2001. President Jiang Congratulates Moldovan
Counterpart upon Election.

Jiang Zemin Thursday sent a congratulatory message to Moldovan Communist
Party leader Vladimir Voronin upon his election as the country's
president Wednesday.

The peoples of China and Moldova enjoy a profound friendship and the two
countries have nurtured mature state-to-state ties which are based on
the principles of mutual respect, equality, mutual benefit and
non-interference in each other's internal affairs, the message said.

Thanks to joint efforts by the two sides, the Sino-Moldovan friendly
ties have witnessed continuous, steady and healthy development ever
since the two countries established diplomatic ties in 1992, Jiang said
in the message.

He added that China has always attached importance to consolidating and
developing friendly cooperation with Moldova in the political, economic
and cultural fields.

President Jiang pledged to work together with Voronin to further the two
countries' ties in the new century and he also wished Moldova prosperity
under the leadership of Voronin.

Voronin won 71 votes in the 101-seat parliament, thus becoming the first
president of the former Soviet republic elected by the parliament since
it gained independence in 1991.


Barry Stoller

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