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Kyiv Post. 05 Apr 2001. Latest tape snippets show Kuchma's ire.

The Ukrainian Service of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty added another
transcription of an alleged conversation between President Leonid Kuchma
and the now former State Security Service (SBU) chief Leonid Derkach to
its recently revamped Internet site (radiosvoboda.org) on April 3.

In the most recent release, a speaker identified as Kuchma expresses
anger with articles appearing on Georgy Gongadze's Web site, Ukrainska
Pravda, and Grani, an independent newspaper affiliated with Socialist
Party leader Oleksandr Moroz.

"Did you read the [the article]?" a speaker identified as Derkach asks.
"What a bitch, huh?"

"[In] Ukrainska Pravda? Yes, I did, the whole thing," Kuchma replies.
"What are we doing about it?"

"We're all over it, are monitoring all [Gongadze's] communications,
checking out all [Gongadze's] Kyiv contacts. ... He's already slinked
over to Moroz."

"Aha! So he's cooperating with Moroz now, is he!" Kuchma exclaims.

... The invective-filled transcript is the ninth episode to be released
by Radio Liberty, the U.S-funded radio station whose mission is to
promote democratic values and institutions.

The Prague-based station has played on-air host in the past to Mykola
Melnychenko, the former presidential guard who said he used a digital
recording device placed underneath the couch in Kuchma's office to
collect hundreds of hours of conversations that allegedly implicate the
president and government officials in high-level corruption.

Kuchma has admitted that the so-called Melnychenko recordings contain
his voice, but says the tapes were edited to put words into his mouth,
despite the fact that Western voice analysts have said that doing so
would be virtually impossible.

... Melnychenko turned over 30 hours of digital copies of the recordings
to an ad hoc parliamentary commission established to investigate
Gongadze's disappearance in January.

... Melnychenko fled Ukraine shortly before Socialist Leader Oleksander
Moroz released 11 taped excerpts of conversations implicating Kuchma in
a scheme to kidnap journalist Georgy Gongadze, who disappeared
mysteriously in Kyiv on Sept. 16.

Authorities have issued a warrant for Melnychenko's arrest charging him
with falsifying documents and slander. But the Council of Europe has
asked member states not to extradite Melnychenko to Ukraine until it can
arrange an independent inquiry into the authenticity of the recordings,
the contents of which should be published if the tapes are proven real.


Corpses of Gongadze's murderers found, according to Segodnya report.
Compiled by KPnews staff.

KYIV, Apr. 5 ? On Wednesday evening, Kyiv’s criminal investigation
department found the burial place of two suspects implicated by
law-enforcement officials in the murder of journalist Georgy
Gongadze,Deputy Prosecutor General Oleksy Bahanets told Segodnya

Completely rejecting a political motive behind Gongadze’s killing,
prosecutors said they followed what they called leads that two criminal
gang members transported a person of Caucasian dissent out of Kyiv and
into a forest to settle debts with him there.

Later, prosecutors say, the two suspects went missing themselves.

According to unofficial sources, police recently detained the individual
whom they suspected in the double murder of the two gang members.

The suspect told police that the two murdered bodies could be found
buried under the window of the detained suspect’s own dacha, where their
corpses were eventually found, the Segodnya report said.


Barry Stoller

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