Pablo Escobar, the people's man

Vanessa DD jajije at
Fri Apr 6 13:02:40 MDT 2001

"La decepción de Castaño debe ser mayúscula si se considera que él y su
hermano Fidel han sido bomberos voluntarios del gobierno norteamericano,
desde que lucharon hombro a hombro con la DEA para la captura y muerte de
decenas de colaboradores del jefe del cártel de Medellín, Pablo Escobar."

I'm not sure if this article was supposed to be supporting Mr Castaño, or
not, but I have a few things to say about Pablo Escobar, definitely, one of
the most anti-USA people ever, and someone beloved by his people.

Pablo Escobar financed the lives of THOUSANDS of people while he was alive.
He built many schools, paid for health care, fed whole towns, the people
loved him! He is a hero of many Colombians, of the poor, needy, ones. All
the Colombians I hear badmouthing him are either rich or middle class, or
are fooled into believing the DEA are fighting for the welfare of the poor
victims of illegal drugs (HAHAHAHA). But I have PERSONALLY met many people
who loved him. I always thought he was a hero. If Mr Castaño helped the US
get Pablo Escobar out, who was beginning to become a symbol of liberty from
oppresion for the poorest Colombians, then Mr Castaño does not deserve the
support of anyone who cares for the people. The US fooled Mr Castaño, and
I'm sure he's now getting what he deserves from them: they are now his
enemies! Talk about true justice.


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